Campaign announces Ramadan Breakfast Briefing

By Austyn Allison

Registration is open for the Campaign Breakfast Briefing – How Brands Can Engage and Interact Better.

The Holy Month of Ramadan is almost upon us, as every marketer knows. This is the busiest time of the year for many of the region’s top brands and has always been a highlight in the media and marketing calendar.

But the coronavirus has changed the nature of Ramadan. Traditions such as gathering for family iftars have been disrupted, and so has the media used to reach consumers. Look at television as an example. TV was once the principle channel for Ramadan advertisers, but the world\s viewing habits changed when the first lockdown hit in 2020.

Brands were cautious then, and producing quality commercials became even more challenging. Yet consumers were watching more TV as they stayed at home. It was a confusing time, and different brands and channels took different approaches; some worked better than others.

By Ramadan 2021, the industry had learned lessons from the year before. There was still caution, but caution backed with strategy. Brands knew more consumers would be watching TV than they once projected, and they were prepared to spend more and spend better to make the most of Ramadan video channels. More money flowing meant better content produced, and the TV content and advertising bars were both raised.

Meanwhile, social media platforms were taking off as people found new ways to connect virtually, rather than in person. Platforms, agencies and brands were developing new strategies faster and better than ever.

Now we are heading into a Ramadan with fewer restrictions than the last two years. But does that mean we are going back to ‘normal’? There’s a reason ‘the new normal’ has become a cliché already. But what will a new normal Ramadan mean for brands and consumers? Will we see TV continue to dominate? Will social media sweep the old channels away? Or will we see a hybrid that will counter every trend?

And what of the content itself? Covid-19 helped people connect like never before, enhancing the community spirit of Ramadan even while communities were kept apart. How will that translate into consumer habits and brand strategies?

To answer all these questions and more, Campaign’s upcoming Breakfast Briefing, Ramadan Advertising – How Brands Can Engage and Interact Better brings together brands, agencies and media to look at how new and old will combine this coming Ramadan. Old traditions and new habits meet familiar favourites and high tech media for a Ramadan like never before. Join us and be ready for it.

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