Campaign announces Breakfast Briefing: Tech and AI 2022

Campaign Breakfast Briefing: Adtech and AI 2022 will take place on September 15 at Westin Mina Seyahi, Dubai

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We’re back with the latest edition of Campaign’s Breakfast Briefing,  Tech and AI 2022.

Campaign Middle East’s adtech and artificial intelligence Breakfast Briefing will bring experts, ideas and the industry together.  Join us for a morning of insights, exposition and market intelligence at 8:00 am at the Westin Mina Seyahi, Dubai on the September 15, 2022.

Where experts will discuss the changes in advertising technology, from the phasing out of cookies to the entrance of new players such as Web3, NFTs, the metaverse, and how to reimagine and navigate the digital future of advertising.

The event will also see industry experts discuss the how artificial intelligence is now working alongside human brains and promises to do much of our heavy lifting for us.

Our guest speakers will be spread across two panels, each one approaching the topic of AI and Adtech respectively.

Panel 1: Artificial intelligence for effortless, intelligent, agile and scalable marketing
Modern marketing is all about juggling complex consumer behaviour, changing laws and regulations, constantly evolving ad platforms, market saturation and privacy concerns all at once. Growth hacks that worked in the past are no longer worth the damage they can do. In this session our panel will discuss how, in a move away from reductionist logic, artificial intelligence and machine learning are taking a truly explorative perspective towards what actually works. Guest experts will explore how brands can scale all aspects of their marketing and augment their decision-making in a world of increasingly diverse audience behaviour and explain how incorporating codeless AI into marketing can let brands optimise performance metrics.

Panel 2: Answer the call: The changing face of mobile engagement
As more and more consumers shift to a mobile-first mindset, brands need to keep up. Their marketing and functionality must speak to their customers where they spend most time: on their handsets.

Our panel looks at effective marketing through apps and platforms, how to choose partners and how to maximise returns media and messaging plans using data and technology such as machine learning, dynamic creative optimisation and lookalike profiles.

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