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Camouflage and MAGGI add a new touch to tradition

Not only a necessity , Food is a window to all cultures and societies in its different timelines.

With this thought in mind, Camouflage Production and Publicis Middle East came up with a campaign for MAGGI that serves as an ode to progressiveness of Saudi Arabia.

Highlighting the social progressiveness of Saudi Arabia , this film, brings the modernity and traditions within the same picture frame ,  it’s an ode to the Saudi woman who is embracing progress, yet is rooted in her tradition with pride, just like the new MAGGI liquid mixes.

Shot in Turkey with renowned director Niels La Croix, this film uses the most advanced technology in food films to create a sequence of events that is to engage the audience not only from an appetite perspective but also from a storyworld perspective.

Shot on location and Studio, with intricate art direction,  Camouflage created a traditional spice souq, a state of the art modern kitchen and memorable graffiti art, marrying all aspects of the past, present and future together, and complimenting them with a piece of music composed to underline the meeting point of tradition, modernity and woman empowerment.


Production house: Camouflage
Executive Producer: Dania Salha Quaglio
Producer: Mario Atallah
Production Manager: Mohammad Mansoor
Post Production Producer: Luana Chaptini
Director: Niels La Croix
DOP: Alejandro Madrid

Agency: Publicis Middle East