Camelicious gives tradition a modern look with its rebrand

UAE-based camel milk brand Camelicious has launched its revamped brand identity.

With its revamped logo and packaging, Camelicious introduces a modern aesthetic while maintaining the same product taste and quality.

The brand’s new identity aims to preserve the Emirati tradition while adding a modern touch to its look.

The regal purple colour on the packaging pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of the UAE.

The production and use of camel milk is also a nod to the past, where the diet of people from the region relied  on nutrient dense camel milk and dates.

The brand aims to share the essence of Emirati culture and lifestyle with the world.

Behind the camel brand

After 25 years of intensive research on Camel milk in Dubai, in 2006, the idea of Camelicious was conceived with a vision to highlight the health benefits of camel milk in the traditional Emirati diet and make it available for people in the UAE.

According to Camelicious, the brand aims to portray itself beyond a brand, positioning itself as a lifestyle choice.

With the brand’s roots in the traditions of the UAE, Camelicious embodies the ethos of Dubai, while combining the past with the future.