Bureau Béatrice expands to the Middle East

Bureau Béatrice expands to the Middle East with a base in Dubai and plans to soon open an office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The creative technology company Bureau Béatrice born out of Antwerp, Belgium, sees its introduction into the Middle Eastern region with a base in Dubai and a third office soon to open in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Co-founded by Kevin Alderweireldt, CEO, Jon S. Maloy, Creative Director and Stan-Louis Bufkens, Managing Director, the bureau aims to bring emotion and creativity into a category too often seen and perceived as clinical.

“In the race for relevancy, we will always favour emotion over innovation. We want clients’ audiences to feel alive every time they experience our creations in surprising and unexpected ways,” said Jon S. Maloy, co-founder & creative director.

Because their work is defined by an idea first, innovation second approach and their ability to connect the dots between people, culture, and emotion. They aim to redefine the roles their clients can play in their audiences’ lives. Already having partnered up with some of the most exciting brands in the world, including Adidas, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Formula 1 and Tomorrowland, to name a few; they have crafted award-winning work.

“We believe brands and organizations are in need of XXIst century relevancy. That’s the business we’re in. To help them create and connect with their audiences at the speed of culture,” Kevin Alderweireldt, co-founder & CEO.

Bureau Béatrice accompany brands by telling their stories in a more immersive, more meaningful way and in doing so venture into new playgrounds. Their work lives at the intersection of art, entertainment, and culture and they use their know-how to fill spaces with amazement and enchantment.

“The Middle-East can become the home of creative technology globally and we believe we can play our part in making it so. Here people and brands are not scared to innovate and keep pushing the limits of what most people take for impossible,” said Stan-Louis Bufkens, Co-Founder & Managing Director

There are four ways in which their know-hows are brought to life:


We all love our phones and Bureau Béatrice loves them in return. They imagine and design unique experiences such as augmented reality (AR), games, and apps, that are made to be loved on the most precious piece of real estate we own, our smartphones.


The future of engagement is in web immersive experiences, and live-action straight from your keyboard to your brain. Rather than just scroll down they let your audience dive into your world by turning pixels into memories.


Using everything from technological architecture to virtual reality (VR), kinetic to motion sensors, each one of their projects opens a door to a new realm and takes guests into a space where connection and engagement come together for an experience like no other.


Bureau Béatrice crafts stories that people want to share, designed for large, small, flat or virtual reality platforms. From original content to CGI, they believe there is magic in visual storytelling.

By imagining a world where technology disappears in favour of emotion backed with their international track-record and local knowledge they aim to create the blueprint to what creative technology can feel and be like.