Building successful companies through connected teams – by MoEngage’s Raviteja Dodda

MoEngage's Raviteja Dodda looks at how customer engagement platforms (CEPs) can remove working in silos to enable higher customer satisfaction

By Raviteja Dodda, CEO & co-founder, MoEngage

When marketing, social and sales teams work in their blissful bubbles, they might as well be working for different brands or companies. Because effectively, the passing the baton act does more harm than good in the overall customer experience. This not only denies the customer a seamless experience but also results in a decrease in customer LTV.

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Reiterating this approach, an insights-led customer engagement report by Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) MoEngage, says that nearly 44 pe cent of marketers felt that their marketing, social and mobile teams are working in silos and engaging with customers separately.

Customer reviews posted on an app or a company website are more often than not connected to an unresolved communication issue between social media, sales or delivery teams. The dissatisfaction expressed through ratings, reviews or word-of-mouth brings on extensive damage to the brand in terms of new customer acquisition. And it’s proven now that it’s more expensive to acquire new customers than retain existing ones.

So in today’s day and age, businesses are appreciating the fact that all teams have to work in sync to ultimately deliver great customer experiences. This understanding has made marketing, growth, and engagement teams own up and become core architects of great customer experience. However, this task cannot be carried out alone. A positive and consistent customer experience should be the motto across all business units, reflecting across all channels. In the digital-enabled world where the customer goes online in a matter of seconds, marketers need the right customer data to offer the last mile customer satisfaction and engagement. This data comes from a strong internal communication that is tied in with the workings of all departments.

This is more than just human effort and involves using technology platforms that make the transaction seem effortless to the customer. Although a modern marketing platform can offer this, the internal teams should also possess the skills and knowledge to make the most of the tools at their disposal. What all teams need to make the communication chain seamless and minus any breakdowns, is an insightful Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) that can totally transform brand-customer relationships and at the same time is user friendly.

Teams get in sync with CEPs

Brands that invest in an insights-driven CEP get a unified solution that works as a single source of truth for each customer.

With this, brands can form a holistic 360-degree view of the customer, in turn helping     the performance marketing or retention marketing teams in engaging with the customers by drawing up relevant campaigns.

For example, a CEP can help the brand understand the behavior of a customer at each touchpoint. This way, the brand is able to analyze the browsing/purchasing history and developing campaigns accordingly.

Using such insights from a single source of truth, different teams within a brand can take appropriate steps to provide that seamless experience to customers. For example, when brands build a unified customer profile, it helps customer success teams gain insights into the pain points associated with a customer, or sales team can use the data to upsell relevant products which create value.

As the world gets into a post-Covid phygital ruled 2023, providing a rich customer experience is a must-have instead of a good-to-have thing. To unlock the superior customer experience, a highly evolved and integrated tech stack consisting of a CEP and a robust teamwork will be the key to future engagements.