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Bridging the gap: The Pyxis journey with Mukhles Odeh

At the helm of Pyxis, Mukhles Odeh emerges as the driving force shaping the company’s enduring strategy and unparalleled success


Headquartered in Abu Dhabi and a subsidiary of Palms Sports PJSC, PYXIS EVENTS LLC, under the umbrella of IHC-International Holdings Company, is not just an events and brand management company; it is a strategic partner dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences that resonate with audiences and elevate brands.

With a customer-centric approach, Pyxis boasts a team of experts specialising in curating connections and transformative experiences, leaving a lasting imprint on both events and brands.


Pyxis is on an upward trajectory, surpassing its humble beginnings as a specialised events management company. Identifying a gap in the market for a more holistic approach to marketing and brand management, Pyxis recognises the common pitfall of companies fragmenting experiences, content and messaging across different channels.

The company advocates for a unified strategy, understanding that disjointed efforts can lead to increased content recreation costs, inconsistent branding and divergent messaging.

The company’s strategy encompasses all stakeholders, focusing on clear objectives and coherent communication across various platforms. Pyxis leverages every available means of communication to promote brands, products, or services, ensuring a synchronized and impactful approach.


Acknowledging that success is a marathon and not a sprint, Pyxis collaborates closely with clients to develop a profound commercial brand understanding in the nature of a framework agreement. This collaborative effort results in better briefs, meticulous planning, and creative solutions that stand out in the competitive landscape.


In the realm of branding and advertising, Pyxis stands out as a true gamechanger. Pyxis’s impact is felt far and wide through the realm of digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising , encompassing nationwide coverage at petrol stations, achieved through strategic collaborations with industry giants like ADNOC and Emarat.

The latest accolade is the alliance with Tawasul, a milestone that enables Pyxis to deliver comprehensive branding and digital solutions for an extensive fleet of 1,100 taxis. This strategic network not only expands Pyxis’ product portfolio but also empowers the company to deliver comprehensive solutions to its clients.


Mukhles Odeh, the General Manager of Pyxis, is an inspiring leader with over 30 years of industry experience. His illustrious career, starting as a design engineer and evolving into leadership roles, has garnered him a reputation for excellence.

With a keen eye for detail and a focus on execution, Mukhles is poised to guide Pyxis to new heights, solidifying its reputation as a premier 360 solutions event and brand management agency.


As Pyxis continues its ascent, the company remains dedicated to excellence and innovation. The emphasis on a unified strategy, coherent communication, personalised content, and a diversified portfolio solidifies Pyxis’s standing as a leader in the ever-evolving realm of marketing and brand management.

The narrative is one of growth, adaptation and commitment to bridging industry gaps. Moving beyond its initial specialisation.The company’s strategic prowess, holistic communication strategy, and dedication to delivering exceptional experiences reinforce its role as a forward-thinking leader in the industry.

By Mukhles Odeh, general manager at Pyxis