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Brands connecting never sounded so good, by The Entertainer’s Sarah Pollard

Sarah Pollard, creative director, The Entertainer shares insights of the rap video created for the Entertainer Every Day campaign.

Living in a richly diverse city is exciting. No one food, humour, language, fashion, religion, or music, fits all. And no one insight either – the key to brands communicating successfully. Yet we all love those brands that get us and get under our skin. That usually happens when their emotional driver makes us like, download, watch, buy or react in some way. But connecting with multi-cultural societies has always been a dilemma for brands. How do you engage with everyone when they’re all so different with all different tastes?

One way is music. Music transcends all language and cultural barriers. You don’t need to know a song’s meaning, lyrics to like it. When I lived in Milan, I

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