Brands celebrate Saudi National Day

Cadillac Arabia

Cadillac Arabia is inviting KSA gamers to ‘Maseerat Cadillac’, the brand’s first game parade on Forza Horizon 5, to celebrate National Day, on September 23.

In Saudi Arabia, National Day is one of the most anticipated occasions of the year.

Among many traditions observed on the day, a popular celebration involves Saudi nationals decorating their vehicles with KSA flag colours and designs, and joining car parades.

Inspired by the regions love for gaming, Cadillac Arabia has partnered with influencer Powr Rakan who will be live streaming the parade on his Twitch channel, and inviting people to join the festivities.

To join the parade gamers need to design their Cadillac cars around the Saudi National Day theme.

To take  it to the next level, three participants will win prizes offered by Powr Rakan.

All they need to do is submit their vehicle design though a form on discord by September 23 . Powr Rakan will select winners based on a certain criteria listed on discord.


Another brand celebrating Saudi National Day is Saudi-born beauty brand Asteri. With their green-encased lipstick, emerald eyeshadow palette, and pocket makeup pouch, Asteri takes pride in its heritage.


Designed by Sara Joseph, Babyshop has created a range of new products for the Saudi National Day.

These include a variety of items such as onesies, dresses, and polo shirts featuring the Saudi Arabian national colours, symbols, and motifs.

It aims to make the celebration a memorable one for both parents and their little ones.