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BIGO Ads: Pioneering innovation and growth in Saudi Arabia’s digital landscape

By Shweta Singh, Regional Director for the MENA region at Bigo Ads

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a dynamic and rapidly evolving market that boasts a young and digitally-savvy population. With over 400,000 professionals in the information technology and digital sectors, including an impressive 35% female workforce, Saudi Arabia has emerged as a digital hub in line with its ambitious 2030 vision.

These striking statistics, coupled with a hyper-growth strategy, have made Saudi Arabia an enticing market for businesses seeking to tap into a vast audience. With a staggering user base of 20 million in the KSA region, BIGO Ads stands tall, providing an unparalleled opportunity to connect with a substantial and engaged audience for any brand.

BIGO Ads does not just offer traditional buying models but is committed to delivering a full-cycle and innovative marketing solution. The platform empowers brands to acquire users and create memorable brand experiences through different marketing strategies at various stages.

  • Building Brand Awareness – During the Preheat Period:

At the initial stage, brand awareness solutions take center stage to announce campaigns and activities. BIGO Ads offers powerful tools such as Brand Takeover, Chatlist & Audio Call Ads, and Story Stream Ads, enabling precise targeting to pique users’ interest during the warm-up phase.

  • Making an Impact – At the Launch Big Day:

For the grand launch, brands aim to seize peak traffic and maximise product impact. BIGO Ads provides a perfect fit with its Roadblock solution, covering all user journey paths throughout a full day, generating massive impressions and capturing users’ attention. With potential impressions soaring across the millions, this approach guarantees exceptional reach and user engagement. Furthermore, BIGO Ads crafts custom marketing solutions, fostering direct and intriguing interactions between users and brands, leaving a lasting impression. For example, cooperating with BIGO Ads, Infinix gained almost 100 million brand impressions on a popular social networking application by conducting creative and customised advertising activities during the past 2023 Ramadan.

  • Driving User Conversion – The Sustaining Period:

The sustaining period calls for performance campaigns as the primary approach. BIGO Ads introduces its self-built DSP platform: BIGO DSP. Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning technology, robust Artificial Intelligence algorithms, and comprehensive big data analysis, BIGO DSP empowers brands to retarget users interested in their products and identify potential target audiences through AEO and lookalike functions.

BIGO Ads has unlocked opportunities for businesses to engage and captivate the Saudi Arabian audience. By aligning their marketing strategies with the platform’s innovative solutions, brands can achieve unparalleled success in the Kingdom’s burgeoning digital landscape.

For more information on how BIGO Ads can help your brand reach new heights in Saudi Arabia, don’t hesitate to contact BIGO Ads at [email protected].