Big Ideas come out of small boxes

We firmly believe that big ideas come from small boxes – and no, we’re not talking about shrinking down your ideas or thinking small. Quite the opposite, actually!

Now, you might be thinking, ‘Wait a minute, aren’t we supposed to think outside the box?’ Well, yes, we’ve heard that one too, but here’s the twist, it’s not as cramped inside as it sounds.

When we set constraints, we’re essentially creating a playground for our creativity. It’s like saying to our brains, ‘Alright, kiddos, you’ve got limited space to play – now, get inventive!’

Working within constraints doesn’t limit our creativity; it ignites it. We’ve found that the tighter the box, the more inventive we become. We’re like escape artists, breaking free from the confines we’ve set for ourselves.

Moiz puts it best, ‘These boxes are like treasure chests of creative potential. The limits push us to look for unconventional solutions, making our ideas stand out in a sea of advertising noise.’

Osama adds, “For us, small boxes are like trampolines – they catapult us into uncharted territories. We revel in turning limitations into launching pads for our wildest ideas.”

So, here’s the takeaway, the next time you find yourself boxed in by limitations, remember these lessons.

Imagine you’re a microscopic Ant-man, now turn yourself 100 feet tall

Our “small box” philosophy means turning ordinary into something bigger. A pea shooter can become a bazooka, broccoli into a triple-decker chocolate cakes, and a cardboard box might as well be a portal to Narnia.

When there’s a box, there’s a way out.

Briefs boxing you in? Bring a shovel and dig a hole. Might as well blow the roof off the box while you’re at it. Do anything necessary to challenge the brief and make that box a bigger playground.

Be the cat in the box

You’re never too big to fit in a box, if you’re a cat. You’re never too big for a small brief, if you’re a creative.

Put your ideas in a box, lock them up, come back later

Yes, you finally landed on an award-winning idea. Oops, it doesn’t quite fit the brief. It’s ok, a lot of this job is to let things go, for a while. Don’t try to fit that idea where it doesn’t fit. It’s ok to put it in a box and reveal it when you can actually make it work.

Embrace the small box, let your creativity flow within its borders, and watch how you can break out of it in the most spectacular way possible.

In the words of the infamous Rick Sanchez, “These boxes Morty *Loud Burp* You’d be surprised what’s *Loud Burp* in them.”

By: Osama Siddiq, Associate Creative Director Impact BBDO Dubai and Moiz Khan, Associate Creative Director Impact BBDO Dubai