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Bentley gets creative with the most luxurious SUV in the world

Bentley has released three creative videos promoting the automotive brand luxury SUV, the Bentayga EWB Mulliner.

Created in collaboration with Al Habtoor Motors, the official UAE dealer of Bentley, the videos detail the different features of what the brand dubs as “the most luxurious SUV in the world”.

The videos feature the SUV against iconic UAE backdrops and landscapes in a modern, dynamic and playful way.

Each of the three videos picks a specific trait to emphasize on: Comfort, Performance and Luxury. They take a creative approach using CGI to showcase the traits.

The video detailing comfort takes the viewers into a green lush scenery of serenity and calmness where a singular seat reclines and smoothly moves through the water.

The video is shot in Abu Dhabi’s Jubail Mangrove Park.

The next video, Performance lies on the opposite end of the spectrum, trading the calmness for speed.

The SUV speeds through the mountains of Hatta, as it leaves ripples behind on the curves of the road, mimicking a carpet.

Finally the last video, highlights the Luxury factory. The video shows how as the car crosses through the road towards the Dubai skyline, it leaves a trail vibrant multi-coloured crystals and diamonds growing in its wake.