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BEEAH Group and Dubai Camel Racing Club ‘Race for Life’ with Leo Burnett MEA

The BEEAH Group, government supported sustainability venture, launched the ‘Race for Life’ awareness campaign to draw attention to the endangerment of camels due to desert pollution. Conceptualized by Leo Burnett MEA, the initiative was part of a joint effort between the Dubai Camel Racing Club and BEEAH and held as part of the Al Marmoom Camel Race Festival.

The ‘Race for Life’ campaign focused on a camel named Oklah, which denotes a camel that gobbles up anything it spots, as it stayed immobile during the race and drew the attention of the audience. The camel’s body was carved with skilful drawings of plastic waste that camels inadvertently consume as well as a message reading “My race is against what’s inside me”. The aesthetically pleasing camel hair artwork was a strong statement on the dismal plight of camels caused by littering of plastic waste and raising awareness on an issue that has adversely affected the UAE.

Speaking on the ‘Race for Life’ campaign, Mr Rafael Sanjurjo Lopez, CEO of BEEAH Tandeef, said: “As a homegrown organization, we consider it a priority to preserve the UAE’s rich heritage, including our deserts and indigenous wildlife. Littering in desert areas is a growing issue of concern, and the consumption of plastic waste is detrimental to the health of camels. We believe this awareness initiative will help people to understand and act responsibly to keep our wildlife and environment safe and clean”.