Banyan Tree Group evolves with a rename

Credits: Banyan Group

Hospitality group Banyan Tree Group has announced a change in its name, opting to drop the word Tree from its name, to become Banyan Group.

The group announced the change in its name in celebration of its 30th anniversary.

The change affects only the overall corporate umbrella brand which houses 12 global brands. The individual hotel brand under the group, Banyan Tree remains unaffected.

The rename aims to reflect the Group’s evolution into a “dynamic, multi-brand hospitality powerhouse”.

“As we celebrate the Group’s 30th anniversary and its evolution into Banyan Group, this milestone is not only testament to the Group’s enduring success in the hospitality industry but also sets the stage for an exciting future,” said Eddy See, President and CEO of Banyan Group. 

The name change is part of the group’s effort to distinguish its identity from the individual Banyan Tree brand and emphasising its identity as an umbrella to a multi-brand portfolio.

“This brand evolution reflects our portfolio transformation from a single luxury brand to the diverse offering we have today. Almost half of all the countries we operate in carry a multi-branded presence, with most of them being high-growth travel destinations,” adds See.

“With a keen eye on expansion, we are seizing new opportunities with our distinct brands, designed to meet evolving traveller preferences and needs in these dynamic markets.”

Credits: Banyan Group

New programming and initiatives

The group has also announced that it will be launching two new features as part of its 30th anniversary this year.

The first of the two is a digital experience called Beyond which will offer wellbeing content and recommendations to users.

The second offering to be launched is an experiential loyalty programme called withBanyan that will reward engagement, interactions and actions of the members.

The group has also announced other initiatives as part of its anniversary celebrations.

It will be hosting 11 trade pop-ups and launching global consumer campaigns.

It will also launch eight signature scents inspired by the Group’s eight pillars of wellbeing as limited edition anniversary gifts.