BackLite Media launches first ‘SPOTLITE’ magazine

BackLite Media, one of the UAE’s leading digital outdoor media companies, has proudly released the first edition of its new magazine, “SpotLite“.

With its first annual magazine dedicated to the out-of-home media industry, this publication provides an in-depth overview of the UAE’s OOH landscape and BackLite Media’s contributions and dedication to pushing the boundaries of the industry. This year’s edition of SpotLite intricately focuses on programmatic advertising, data analytics, industry partnerships, sustainability, and state-of-the-art media evolution.

The magazine features contributions from esteemed industry professionals, including Havas Middle East, World Out of Home Organization, and Seventh Decimal, among others. SpotLite is poised to be a must-read for the UAE media community, with the next edition of the magazine scheduled for release early next year.