Backlite Media launches the digital billboard The Jawhara

On 22 February 2022, Backlite Media launched the Jawhara, one of Dubai’s most unique and iconic digital billboards. Located in a prime position on the Sheikh Zayed Road, opposite the Museum of the Future, between The World Trade Centre and Dubai Mall, The Jawhara will be seen by an estimated 500,000 people every day.

James Bicknell, CEO at Backlite Media, commented, “Launching the latest in our Landmark Series, The Dubai Jawhara is a truly iconic digital advertising structure, up there along with the world’s best advertising signs. We are proud of our continued innovation in the Dubai digital outdoor advertising space.”

The Dubai Jawhara’s awe-inspiring structure was built by Yerevan Steel with assembly and finishing by Blue Rhine Industries, who are experts in the field of large-format outdoor digital signage displays. The screens were manufactured by Daktronics, a highly sought-after leader in digital billboard technology.

The Jawhara consists of two screens with a total display area of 177m2 and an impressive colour capacity of 281 trillion colours. Each screen has a display Intensity of 10000 nits which have 256 levels of brightness controls. Standing at 24 meters high, the new digital screen is sure to garner attention and display a brand’s artwork in pristine quality.

The launch marks the second in Backlite’s Landmark series. The series consists of three monumental contemporary and unique products that are changing the media landscape on Sheikh Zayed Road, a road used by the vast majority of the city’s residents, business people, and tourists.

The Landmark Series provides the only Super Premium large-format digital network on Sheikh Zayed Road. Powered by BackLite Intelligence, offering real-time feedback with the ability to change creative to reflect specific moments in time, maximising any campaign’s effectiveness.

Out-of-home advertising is a high-reach medium, and it has recently been made more available than ever before, thanks to digitisation. Creatives can be replaced automatically to respond to the external environment, maximising the effectiveness of any ad placement. BackLite Intelligence generates insights around traffic flows, audience demographics, buying behaviours, and dwell times. The result? Audience profiles that ensure your messages and ideas are seen by the right people, not just passers-by.