AstraOne joins The TechVantage

Founded in 2011, AstraOne has brought their experience and technology to more than 300 advertisers across the world

Ad tech representative The TechVantage has won its second contract award from AstraOne, a global artificial intelligence platform. Headquartered in Germany, and with offices in London, Warsaw, Moscow and now Dubai, AstraOne’s proprietary technology provides in-image advertising technology solutions to give clients highly effective and innovative digital advertising formats. The technology integrates semantic analysis of editorial articles, and combines this with computer-intuitie vision and meta-data to allow contextual targeting of articles and images.

Founded in 2011, AstraOne has brought their experience and technology to more than 300 advertisers across the world as well as being shortlisted for WARC’s “Best AdTech” and MarSport’s “Effective Use of Tech” awards.

Rafael Alaouie, New Business Lead at AstraOne, explained “We at AstraOne wanted to be the leaders in advertising formats so we created in-image ad type format based on computer vision and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to make online and mobile advertising fun and exciting again. We cherish the user experience and hence, we offer our clients in-image so that their campaigns can be effective and most of all viewed.

The focus in 2020 at AstraOne is the Middle East. We at AstraOne researched the Middle East market, met multiple potential partners and concluded that the best choice for us was The TechVantage. We are confident we will be represented at the highest level possible to agencies and clients. Working with The Techvantage will allow us to significantly grow our business in the Middle East market. They have demonstrated the technical expertise to handle an AI product within their portfolio, and the commercial drive to succeed with us.”

Gagan Uppal, Director of Partnerships at The TechVantage, added “We’re very excited to be bringing articifical intelligence driven advertising to the region, with the aim of enabling mass adoption of the technology for clients and agencies alike. In-image is innovative and solves several problems such as banner blindness, low efficiency and brand-safety. AstraOne also gives us the capability to customize solutions to clients’ requirements and specific objectives.”