Asharq Discovery releases seven new productions

 The line-up covers a wide range of genres, including art, lifestyle, education and entertainment

Asharq Discovery has announced the launch of seven original productions. The new shows have been created to meet the growing demand for free, high-quality Arabic content and appeal to Arabic-speaking audiences all over the world.

The line-up is unique and covers a wide range of genres, including art, lifestyle, education and entertainment quiz formats, crime and mystery, and food and cooking.

Paul Edwards, General Manager of Asharq Discovery, said: “Asharq Discovery is fulfilling its promise to enhance the MENA region’s infotainment scene through the launch of its high-quality original programming.

“The demand for high-quality Arabic-language content is constantly increasing. Our new line up of Arabic language original shows not only entertain, but they also empower regional talent, showcasing authentic and diverse narratives that truly represent the region.

“The shows announced today are only the beginning and we look forward to producing more of our own original programmes as well as co-production with our partners at Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO.”

New shows include: 

‘Dark Minds’: Featuring stories of murders that have gone untold, the show digs deep and explores the motives behind these crimes through a series of interviews with experts and researchers. The series also showcases a large collection of documents, facts and evidence.

‘Bassma’: The show features interviews that showcase the achievements of a selection of Arab women who have made a powerful mark in various fields. The programme focuses on the women’s journeys, the challenges that they faced and the secrets to success.

‘Food Tales’: This series introduces viewers to the stories behind popular and renowned foods from the MENA region. Each episode features a famous dish and the stories behind them, exploring their origin and history and how they became part of the region’s heritage and culture.

‘Test Drive Riyadh’: Takes contestants on an educational road trip exploring famous landmarks, discovering new places, and engaging in traditional activities. The quiz-based format rewards contestants for their correct answers by taking them on the shortest route. When the contestant gets the answer wrong, more miles are added to the journey.

 ‘In Other News’: Presents the latest thought-provoking news from art, business, economy and technology in just 30 minutes.

‘The Critics’: Critiques the latest cinema releases and films with industry experts to give audiences an objective opinion on the latest box office hits.

‘Diet Master’: Explores a diverse range of popular diets, examining the advantages, disadvantages and risks of each. Every episode features insights from dietitians and medical experts alongside people who have tried the diets to provide a first-hand account of their experiences.