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Aramex delivers Ramadan memories to Alzheimer’s

Aramex has produced and published a heartwarming film during the month of Ramadan about the daily struggles of its frontline heroes: the courier champions at Aramex. In an unexpected twist at the end, the film respectfully raises awareness about the mental health diseases of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Titled “Eternal Sunshine”, the film depicts the hectic days of an Aramex delivery champion throughout Ramadan as he races against the clock to make ensure timely deliveries of Ramadan gifts and memories to important documents. From the first day, we notice that the courier times his last delivery of the day at an elderly man’s apartment exactly to the time of iftar. As the slightly confused man hears the cannon blast, he generously invites him in, so the courier doesn’t have to break his fast on the road. The courier gratefully, yet without hesitation accepts, picks up a plastic bag of takeaway food from the floor, and joins the elderly man.

This interaction repeats and becomes routine during the month. The elder man, however, seems to react in a similar way to the courier delivering a parcel and with a similar surprise when the iftar cannon blasts. In one such iftar, it is shown that the elderly man looks at the young delivery champion as if he could faintly recognise him, but ultimately, he is unable to do so.

As the elderly man leads the courier to the door after iftar, the camera reveals a framed photograph of the two together, indicating that they might know each other well. Set against the backdrop of the holy month and its hallowed traditions, the video pays moving tributes to the pain that people feel when their loved ones are unable to recognise them or recollect their cherished memories because of the debilitating effect of Alzheimer’s, despite longing for the warm embrace of togetherness.

Mike Rich, Group Chief Marketing Officer of Aramex, said: “Mental health is still a taboo topic in many parts of the world. The Eternal Sunshine video draws upon this general reluctance and highlights a critical healthcare issue that needs urgent attention across the region, while underscoring our commitment to ‘delivering good’ in every possible way. As the region’s leading logistics company, Aramex is proud to set an example in the industry in creating more awareness around mental health conditions, and we dedicate ourselves to improving the lives of those affected by Alzheimer’s.”

The film was supported by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) and its national partners and member across several countries in the GCC and Middle East.

The “Eternal Sunshine” campaign  was conceptualised by Aramex’s in-house creative team and directed by Shahir Sirry, Aramex’s Global Creative Director.


Chief Marketing Officer: Mike Rich 

Global Creative Director: Shahir Sirry

Concept and script: Omar El Gamal, Shahir Sirry

Copy: Omar El Gamal, John Smeddle, Shahir Sirry

Marketing Director: Daniel Nuss

Marketing Team: Mohammed Khaled, Omar AlAmerecany, Rizek Freij, Megan Coutinho 

Senior Sustainability Manager: Natalie Nawas

Head of PR: Mohamed Al Qassem
Creatives: Yousef Eid, Mohamed Al Radaideh, Narmeen Al Aqar, Ahmed Geaissa,
Digital Team: Lana Bilani, Natalie Abuzulof, Nadia Al Dhahir, Ingrid Papa, Neha Nagpal, Raya Maraqa
Alzheimer’s Disease International Team: Nick House, Jane Cziborra, Chris Lynch

Production House: Cinegate Film Productions Cairo/Dubai
Director: Shahir Sirry (Global Creative Director – Aramex)
Producers:  Omar Sami + Ahmed Mazhar
Line Producers:  Sawi Mohamed + Tawfik Omran
Production Managers:  Hossam Allam + Mahmoud Sokkar
Location Managers:  Morad Allam + Medhat Mostafa