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Arabian Automobiles and Amber Communications ‘Sweat’ it out in new campaign

Arabian Automobiles Sweat Nissan

To highlight the importance of regular AC service, Arabian Automobiles launched a series of digital videos based on a unique proposition – good sweat vs bad sweat. The videos showcase various situations where sweating is acceptable and welcome in contrast to sweating inside your car, which is not cool.


Public Speaking

Spicy Food

The short series of videos, uploaded on their social media platforms, showcases the situations taking place in three locations, a gym, a restaurant and the stage. Working out, eating spicy food and nerves from public speaking are portrayed as acceptable reasons to sweat in contrast with the ride home in the car. The videos communicate Arabian automobiles’ offer of free air conditioning services to avoid  a situation where one would sweat inside their car, during the hot summers.


Client: Arabian Automobiles 
Creative agency: Amber Communications, Dubai
Production house: Film Dojo
Director: Arun Francis
Agency team: Salil Sawale, Amit Chougule, Shynil Hashim, Tanushree Ghosh, Praveen Raj, Arvind Krishnan
Producer: Murali Govindan