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Arab Business Machine – Teddy Bear Story

Lowe MENA has created this video in time for Valentine’s Day, once again promoting the iPod Nano for Apple distributor Arab Business Machine. The video follows a forlorn teddy bear as he walks around Dubai unwanted and unloved. The copy reads: “This Valentine’s Day, teddy bears are history. All you need is iPod.”

Project Teddy Bear Story
Client Arab Business Machine
Creative agency Lowe MENA, Dubai
Creative directors Mark Lewis and Marwan Saab
CGH/art director Mansoor A. Bhatti
Copywriter Bianca Bernstein
Production company Boomtown Productions
Executive producer Shane Martin
Producer Peter Simons
Editor Suresh Nair
DOP Alesandro Martella

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  • This ad is Apple’s way of showing that it is not afraid to go after traditional means of gift giving in exchange for your commitment to it’s products. Although this ad may be a tad bit old in regards to today’s (March 15, 2015) new Apple product, it is still indicative of just how aggressive the Apple takeover has been since their emergence. The teddy bear is a staple in Valentines Day gift giving, but in today’s modern era, couples generally tend to expect more elaborate gifts with some though and functional-intention behind them; without those credentials being met, it often happens that one partner within the relationship is dissatisfied with the effort. What I find most interesting about this ad is that they humanized the bear to ensure that the audience knew that that type of gesture(the gifting of a toy) is no longer something people deem as being “stand-out” or particularly interesting. Apple wins, yet again.

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