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Anghami launches its 2023 in Music campaign

The streaming platform has also revealed official music charts

Anghami, the leading music and entertainment audio streaming platform in the MENA region, has unveiled its highly anticipated annual End of Year campaign, #Anghami2023inMusic.

The campaign introduces official 2023 Music Charts and showcases exclusive personalised recaps, providing users with unique insights on their musical journey and highlighting artists’ stats and data.

This year’s campaign was not just about numbers, it’s about the stories behind the music. Anghami takes its users on a journey into their own music adventure, from those who know exactly what they want to the discoverers by nature, all while capturing the essence of their mood.

Fun remains at the forefront of this campaign, ensuring that users not only gain valuable insights but also enjoy reflecting on their musical choices.

The campaign offers an interesting recap of listeners’ year in music, from minutes played and top artists to unique moments, and overall mood, and top songs that defined their year.

Artists, too, are a core part of the experience, as they discover remarkable data about their music, fans, and regional reach.

Access to data insights such as song releases, top streamed songs, total streams, follower count, and growth rate allows them to connect more deeply with their fan communities.

This campaign not only strengthens the bond between artists and their fans but also adds an extra layer of engagement to the overall music experience on the platform.

The official 2023 in Music Charts reveal impressive trends in both Arabic and International music scenes.

The top three Arabic artists—Amr Diab, Ahmed Saad, and Tamer Hosny—continue to influence the regional music landscape.

Meanwhile, globally renowned artists such as The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, and Drake top the International charts, showcasing Anghami’s diverse content and user base.

One standout in the Arabic charts is the iconic Amr Diab, whose exclusive releases on Anghami consistently topped the charts, including El Hafla and Batamen Alek. Notably, Amr Diab became the most streamed artist of all time on the platform this year, with 1.5+ billion streams and still counting.

Cairokee’s Album “Roma,” released in late 2022, left a lasting impact on the charts, proving its popularity throughout 2023. Other standout Arabic albums like “Ma3aya Hatbda3” by Ramy Sabry and “Raye2” by Hamza Namira dominated Anghami charts for months, a rare feat in the ever-evolving music scene.

International hits also take center stage, with “Calm Down” by Rema & Selena Gomez securing the coveted #1 spot for the second consecutive year—an unprecedented achievement in Anghami’s history.

Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers” and “Creepin'” by Metro Boomin, The Weeknd & 21 Savage round out the top three.

Beyond individual preferences, Anghami reveals remarkable statistics, with users streaming music for a staggering 23.15 billion minutes in 2023.

Egyptian Pop emerges as the top genre gathering over 2.2 billion streams, while Arabic Indie gaining more popularity with a total of 448 million streams.

Salam Kmeid, Head of Content Marketing at Anghami, commented: “Our mission is rooted in delivering precise insights, offering fans a deeper understanding of their musical preferences and listening habits.

“We also strive to empower artists and creators in celebrating their milestones and building stronger connections with their fanbase.

“As we look back to the past year, we wrap up 2023 with key achievements in both music and podcasts that we share with our Arab community around the world.”

As Anghami remains steadfast in its mission to recognize and support up-and-coming talents, the platform also acknowledges Viral Artists in 2023, including AlShami and Nawal among others, contributing to a fresher and promising trend into the MENA music scene.

#Anghami2023inMusic continues to resonate and make waves, offering users and artists alike a rich experience of insights and results, while reaffirming Anghami’s commitment to being at the forefront of the music streaming experience in the MENA region.

To discover your 2023 in Music, visit 2023inmusic.anghami.com