Amazon joins the AI-race with ChatGPT rival

Credits: Amazon

Online retail giant Amazon has announced a large sum of announcement in AI company Anthropic. The investment sum could go up to a total of $4 billion.

Anthropic is a high profile AI-start up company that will help Amazon join the ongoing AI race with other participants, Microsoft, Google, and Open AI.

The AI firm has its own chatbot called Claude which serves as rival to Open AI’s chatbot ChatGPT.

Amazon also announced that investment will commence with an initial sum of $1.25 billion and the remainder amount will follow once either company requests for it to be set into motion.

As part of the deal, Amazon employees and cloud customers will gain early access to technology from Anthropic which they can infuse into their businesses, according to Reuters.

When compared to its rivals, Open AI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, Anthropic’s Claude acts similarly in terms of operations. The chatbot can write proses and generate images as well.

However, Anthropic says that its model is safer and more reliable and that it can create content that seems like it’s drafted by humans.

Earlier in the year, Anthropic received another funding from Google of $300 million and its custom chips. According to Reuters, the AI company’s deal with Google is continuing, even after the new Amazon deal.

Amazon has also been dipping its feet into AI pool for its products.

Earlier this week, the retail giant also announced that it would be integrating generative AI with its voice assistant Alexa.

The integration was part of Amazon’s goal to make Alexa more human-like with a new language model.

The new Alexa is still yet to be rolled out to general public.