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Amazon Ads’ The Connected Worlds event debuts in Dubai

Amazon Ads debuted its landmark event, The Connected Worlds, at the opulent Caesars Forum on Bluewater’s Island in Dubai, shining a spotlight on the importance of retail media in today’s rapidly shifting digital landscape.

The morning affair commenced with a series of enlightening sessions, including an exploration of the third big wave in digital advertising and the magic achieved by blending media with creativity, followed by a panel discussion on unlocking the power of retail media during peak marketing moments.

The event took off with a welcome note from Filip Jabbour, General Manager of MENAT for Amazon Ads, who shed light on key topics such as Prime Day, Amazon Ads business growth in the region, partnerships, Twitch, and set the stage for an immersion into the importance of retail media.

This was led by Hind AbuAlia, Head of Marketing for IX EMEA, who unveiled the transformative journey of retail media. Tracing its origins, from the traditional confines of brick-and-mortar stores to its rise in the third big wave in digital advertising.

The Amazon Ads full-funnel approach leverages insights from over 300 million global active customer accounts. This empowers both endemic and non-endemic advertisers to engage with shopping audiences profoundly.

The strength of retail media can be attributed to the close nexus between ads and transactions, the potency of closed-loop attribution, and the agility of tailoring both branding and performance KPIs to align seamlessly with business objectives. This detailed approach ensures messages don’t merely resonate, but also spur conversions.

A noteworthy statistic from the event underscored retail media’s exponential growth, skyrocketing from $1 billion to $30 billion in a mere half-decade, surpassing even the growth metrics of social media and search. (1)

Zooming into the MENA region, the surge in ecommerce was palpable. For instance, a whopping 91% of consumers in Saudi Arabia shop online, some even daily.(2)

Concurrently, in the UAE, there was an impressive rise from 89% to 96% of online shoppers in a single year. (3) These figures not only show the seismic shift in shopping behaviors but also accentuate retail media’s escalating relevance in the overarching marketing framework for brands.

Jarrod Eckstein, Sr. Creative Agency Strategist at Amazon Ads, then highlighted the crucial balance between media and creative to create magic. Delving into Amazon’s multifaceted canvas, he emphasized its untapped reservoir for imaginative advertising.

Eckstein showcased how the synergy of Amazon’s insights and innovative tools can empower brands to craft deeply resonant and creatively robust campaigns, transcending conventional advertising norms.

Furthermore, an insightful panel discussion steered by Alexandra Reynolds, Head of Account Management MENAT for Amazon Ads, took center stage and delved into peak marketing moments.

Industry frontrunners from Samsung, Colgate Palmolive, PHD and Amazon Saudi Arabia discussed the boundless potential, opportunities, and challenges of retail media during this discussion.

This was followed by industry deep dive sessions, led by industry leads and category experts from Amazon Ads, where event attendees could engage in vertical specific discussions and panels for Consumer Product Goods and Home, Fashion, Electronics, and Sports brands.

In light of these discussions, it was clear that the landscape of retail media is evolving. Moving beyond just physical storefronts, it now encompasses the digital space, offering a blend of performance and branding solutions.

‘The Connected Worlds’ event in Dubai presented an opportunity for brands to understand this shift and the value of an integrated retail media strategy.

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1 – Insider Intelligence, ‘Why 2023 will be retail media’s inflection point?” Feb’23
2-3 McKinsey Study ‘How to win in the Gulf’s dynamic consumer and retail sectors’, Sept’22