Al Emarat TV announces its shows for the Holy Month of Ramadan

Various shows will premiere on Al Emarat TV and the ADTV application.

Al Emarat TV, part of Abu Dhabi TV Network, unveiled its line-up of shows for the Holy Month of Ramadan. The shows will feature a diverse collection of major Emirati and Khaleeji series featuring top stars from the Gulf region, a selection of interactive entertainment, religious, and game shows with a chance to win valuable prizes.

Under the slogan “Ramadan yana wal’khair lafana” (Ramadan is here, with its countless blessings) Al Emarat TV and AD TV app will present three new series: ‘Sa’ee Al Bareed’, ‘Ain Al Deeb’, and ‘Haya Al Rouh’, and five interactive programs: the heritage game show ‘Al Shara’, the talk show ‘Al Mugharred’, the live game show ‘Alo Ramadan’, the cooking show ‘Matbakh Al Dar’, and the religious show ‘Quran Mubin’.

All Ramadan series and programs of Al Emarat TV will be available for free via the channel’s website and ADTV app, which is available on Android TV, Apple TV, Apple Store, and Google Play. Viewers will be able to stream the live shows or watch them on demand.

Haitham Alkathiri, acting executive director of Abu Dhabi TV Network, said: “During the month of Ramadan, we are committed to providing a select of diverse series and TV shows produced by Abu Dhabi Media. Our shows cater to the Emirati audience in particular and the Gulf audience in general.”

“The TV shows that will debut on Abu Dhabi TV network during the Holy Month of Ramadan reflect Abu Dhabi Media’s commitment to remaining a beacon for producing the best local and Arabic shows, particularly during Ramadan which marks the television’s most important season in the region. Every year, we become more motivated to produce high-level content that meets the requirements of our audience,” he added.

Khaleeji series

Comedy fans will be able to see the Emirati comedian Jaber Naghmoush in the exclusive Khaleeji social comedy ‘Sa’ee Al Bareed’, produced by Abu Dhabi Media. The protagonist features ‘Newton’, a postman who has dedicated his entire life to delivering mail, and forms emotional bonds with the people to whom he delivers letters to and tries to help them despite not knowing them This gets him in trouble and awkward situations that he has to get out of with the help of his colleague Khalil. The series stars Jumaa Ali, Mays Kamar, and Khalil Al Rumaithi, and is directed by Mohammed Al Gaffas.

The social drama series ‘Haya Al Rouh’, starring Layla Abdulla, tells the story of an orphan girl with a disability, who is an archery champion with the will and determination to overcome challenges and difficulties with the help of her brother. The series is directed by Hamad Al Badri and written by Maryam Al Sabah. It stars Ibrahim Al Harbi, Layla Abdulla, Abdulla Al Turkmani, Nour Al Kuwaitiya, Fay Al Sharqawi, Badr Al Shuaibi, Nasser Abbas, Abdulla Al Tarawra, Kifah Al Rajib, Ghurour, Iman Jamal, and Ahmad Hasan.

The channel will also debut a striking drama series with a rural setting titled ‘Ain Al Deeb’. The series stars Dawood Hussein whose character embodies the characteristics of a wolf, in a story on the fight between good and evil, caused by a dispute between Dabea bin Diab and Saqr bin Dawi over control of a water well. The show also has a romance subplot between Fares and Sama. The series is written by Jmal Saqr, directed by Mohammad Al Gaffas, and stars Ibrahim Al Zadjali, Rim Arhama, and Amal Mohammad.


The popular heritage game show ‘Al Shara’ returns, presented by Hasa Al Falasi, who takes the viewers on a journey into the history of the UAE. Viewers will learn about the UAE’s cultural identity, customs, and cultural treasures through exciting quizzes about the Emirati dialect, Nabati poetry, idioms, riddles, tales, professions and handicrafts, and everything related to cultural heritage.

Amer Jassas will host political, social, and cultural figures who are influencers on Twitter in the second season of his program ‘Al Mugharred’. He will be discussing the topics and ideas they post in a talk show that emphasizes the importance of accepting others, assuming responsibility, contributing to social development, and raising awareness about the impact of social media.

The new Ramadan game show ‘Alo Ramadan’, presented by Maryam Mubarak, will entertain viewers and give them a chance to win valuable prizes. The concept of the show centers on having two people competing for the prize over a call. The one who gets the right answer has the advantage of suspending the other contestant’s call to gain more time, and possibly end the call if they can beat their opponent again.

Al Emarat TV will also present the cooking show ‘Matbakh Al Dar’, which showcases traditional and contemporary dishes and how to prepare them in both traditional and modern ways, bridging the gap between the older and younger generations. The show highlights several areas across the UAE to showcase signature traditional dishes. The show is presented by Om Salem and Chef Mona Al Mansoori.


The channel will also show the religious program ‘Quran Mubin’ which provides the interpretation and meanings of the Holy Quran in a simplified manner that encourages viewers to contemplate it and follow its lessons. The program is presented by Muhammad Al-Azizi and Saeed Al-Ketbi.