Al Arabia Outdoor selects Streach to measure its inventory in Saudi Arabia

Streach is a spatial data and audience analysis platform focused on out-of-home

Al Arabia Outdoor selects Streach by Seventh Decimal, to be the exclusive platform to measure its inventory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Streach is an Out-Of-Home centric, spatial data and audience analysis platform.  Built on a patented technology stack, Streach models location data collected from SDK GPS-only signals into audience enriched mobility dataset to understand exposure to outdoor media.

Streach provides advertisers today with the capability to scientifically measure exposure to a precise audited inventory of OOH, know their audiences from a socio-demographics, socio-economic, behavioral and geographical aspect. Streach also allows for retargeting exposed device IDs through online programmatic trading desks.

Mohamed AlKhereiji, CEO of Al Arabia Outdoor Advertising said: “Throughout our 36 years of experience in the advertising industry, we were proudly able to revolutionize the OOH business and transform it into an incredibly powerful medium of communication in the Kingdom by digitalizing it as well as partnering up with top-notch suppliers from the US and UK to apply the best hardware and software technologies out there. By taking a step forward we have decided to adopt Streach by seventh Decimal to introduce measurement on our network. Local and multinational advertisers in the Kingdom will now be able to roll-out measurable outdoor campaigns, view demographics, target their audience effectively, and know who viewed their content.”

AlKhereiji added “We continue to support The Future Saudi Cities Program, which aims to build the identity of smart cities, improve their competitiveness among their counterparts, achieve sustainable urbanization, and enhance the human dimension to reflect the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030.”

Maud Moawad, CEO and co-founder at Seventh Decimal said: “Streach is a result of more than 18 months of research and development along with efforts with the most forward-thinking thought leaders in the media industry. We are excited today to launch it with Al Arabia, the leading outdoor media supplier in the Middle East.

As we are seeing increased demand on transparency and data-driven approaches, development is underway to introduce new capabilities and advanced indicators such as brand recall and viewability.

Lewaa Hamadeh, CTO and co-founder at Seventh Decimal added: “We understood from day one that tackling outdoor media measurement has challenges that exceed the capabilities of the data management platforms available today.

Many complexities accompany the calculation of accurate OOH metrics using mobile location signals; this necessitates the modeling of location data to mirror the population distribution and mobility patterns in a certain city. Streach is built today to do just that.”