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Ajmal Perfume’s Evoke Midnight broadcasts during Asia Cup 2022

Ajmal Perfume’s Evoke Midnight aired on Starzplay and CricLife Max across the MENA region during the fifteenth edition of the Asia Cup 2022. 

Evoke Midnight aimed to make an impression on the viewers who watch cricket at the stadiums in the UAE. 

The Ad was broadcasted live on CricLife Max, Switch TV, and Starzplay during match times on the below platforms GCC-wide on E-vision du in UAE, Omantel in Oman, STC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Batelco in Bahrain, Ooredoo in Qatar, Zain in Kuwait. 

“Rooted in age-old traditions, envisioned with a new age focus, Ajmal Perfumes has successfully crafted a legacy for success in the perfumery industry,” asserts Abdulla Ajmal, deputy COO, Ajmal Perfumes. “As a leading brand in the perfume space, we’re constantly innovating to cater to the trending tastes of today’s audiences and be along with them in their journey. The new campaign is a testament to us staying on top of the trends in fast-growing markets.”

Creative agency Minutiae spearheaded by Nitin Itkyal said, “For the new fragrance of Ajmal Perfumes, we wanted to create a visualisation of all that the perfume embodied. It was more than just a scent. it was a statement. A statement that set the standards of the modern man. It’s a vibrant and contemporary fragrance which reflects the true personality of the modern man. Portraying vibrancy, power and confidence through the content of the ad, while still maintaining the modern aesthetic that defines the Ajmal brand, we have created an ad that resonates with all the men across the region.”

Media agency AdEdge, founder, Eknath Terse said, “Given that Ajmal has been a loyal and trusted client of ours for a few years now, we have always gone above and beyond for them. Apart from our relationship with them, we believe in their products and what the brand stands for. Due to their longstanding presence in the UAE market, they have always participated whenever anything significant has happened. Of course, the Asia Cup 2022, was not an event to be missed, especially due to their link with India, given their roots in Indian heritage.”  

“Before the creation of the ad, we spoke to the event organisers and came up with this proposal keeping in mind to ensure a minimum amount of spend. Our reach and impressions for this ad skyrocketed due to the ad being played at the end of every over. At first, we just planned for the ad to be played during Indian matches, but due to its high success, the ad was played during the matches of the Super 4 and also for the final match of the season. This goes to show that knowing your client, knowing what they seek and delivering them exactly that can do wonders for your client.”

Marketing manager, Ajmal Perfumes, Purab Bhatt said, “Ajmal is a brand with its ethos imbibed in the hearts of its possessors. Airing during the Asia Cup comes as a strategic move to engage with our audience and create brand recall and recognition. Evoke Midnight has an attitude filled up to the brim and the campaign rightly markets itself to suitable audiences.”

“When working on the ad, we wanted to be sure to create something that would speak to every man watching this advertisement from their homes. We knew our ad would be viewed by millions of people watching the match, however, catching their attention was a different task entirely. For this, striking visuals coupled with an enchanting audio was needed to make our way into the hearts of our customers. The objective was to not just offer our viewers a product, it was to offer them a vision of the modern man and what he is capable of. Take them through the experience of becoming the modern man. If we are able to convey the vision of the perfume through the ad, we consider that our job is successfully done. Given that the ad was so successful that it was played not just for India matches but even for matches for the Super 4 and even the finale match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka- we have successfully accomplished that our ad has created a lasting impression on the minds of the viewers.”

“I have always been of the belief that if I can make the customer believe in the product, then the product will sell itself. All I have to do, is share the vision of the brand and its essence with our target market. The Evoke Midnight ad that was broadcast across the entire MENA region was an example of just that.”

The Evoke Midnight advertisement aired by Ajmal Perfumes on Starzplay, CricLife Max, and Switch TV was viewed by several cricket fans who tuned in to watch the matches.