Agencies and Clients say Covid-19 will Accelerate shift to Performance Media

The IAB surveyed nearly 30 Leaders of Agencies and Clients marketing teams between April 6 and April 12.

The findings suggest an immediate downturn with 48% saying they have already seen up to 30% budget cuts in April and 20% saying they have paused all Ads until further notice.

With Ramadan expected to start within weeks, there are still 38% saying they had yet to make decisions on Ramadan budgets while 51% are unsure about the direction of second half budgets, suggesting a high proportion of marketers are in ‘wait-and-see’ mode.

Winners in the 2nd half are expected to be Performance media with 59% of respondents suggesting they would increase Performance media budgets.

Overall, 77% of respondents report that Covid-19 will have a more significant impact on MENA marketing budgets than the 2008/9 Financial Crisis.

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