ADTA rolls out global ad campaign

Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority has launched a global advertising campaign as it seeks to strengthen awareness of Abu Dhabi as a tourist destination.

Targeting core markets, the campaign – called ‘Much more than you could ever imagine’ – has been created by Ogilvy Cape Town, with the first phase (above)  including TV, print, digital and outdoor executions. The first phase has already been released, with phase two to break in the coming weeks and run until the end of 2011.

Claire Micheletti, marketing division director at Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA), said: “Our aim is to create a widely held positive impression of Abu Dhabi so that people around the world have a clear idea of what Abu Dhabi stands for and, when they think of Abu Dhabi, strong associations spring to mind. Essentially, we want our audience to ‘feel’ Abu Dhabi as much as they come to ‘know’ Abu Dhabi.”

Micheletti said that ADTA had identified two segments relevant to Abu Dhabi’s target market and has produced two communication pieces: one speaking to ‘cultural seekers’ and the other to ‘materialists’. Both pieces are crafted within the framework of the Brand of Abu Dhabi.

ADTA works with a number of agencies and last year it held a pitch after its contract with M&C Saatchi, which helped establish the emirate’s identity, ended. TBWA\Raad won the year-long contract, which has not been renewed.


  • Even people in Africa know there are camels, eagles and a desert in Abu Dhabi. So what new did this ad communicate to me?!!Nothing… No longer interested in visiting.

  • Too cliche! It looks like all other tourism ads, didn’t show anything special about Abu Dhabi.

  • camels, sand,safari and falcons… how does a brand go from making a cannes winner to absolute cliche???? Bring Back the boys from TBWA AUH!!!!

  • Ogilvy should have taken a look at the movie Sex and the City 2 and then make an ad on what was not showcased in that movie. Shouldn’t adverts be about showing what’s new? There’s nothing new about Abu Dhabi in that one.

  • what a cliche…. where in the region does this not apply to- camels sand and a mosque…really! and they went to a South african agency to produce this… why i wonder, a local agency thats “knows” the emirate and “feels” was not enough… maybe something to do with the client being south african?????? maybe…..

  • What a load of crap. These people clearly don’t know the region. Also, the tourists in the beginning are dressed like a bunch of colonists.

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