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Adidas Terrex gives summits a new meaning

As part of the launch of adidas’ trekking and hiking gear Terrex, the brand has launched a global campaign called United By Summits.

The aim of the campaign was to give the word “Summits” a new meaning, to show people that summits don’t just refer to peaks or mountain tops, but can also refer to any mountain in life we want to overcome, be it physical, personal or professional.

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To expand this new philosophy to the Middle East, Havas Middle East brought to life the story of Raha Moharrak, the youngest Arab and first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest, through a video shot in rocky mountains.

While her conquest of Everest is what she is known for, Raha’s true summit has never been about climbing. She chose to achieve this feat only to prove to other Arab women like her that there is absolutely nothing that they cannot achieve in life.

A world where there are no more firsts left for Arab women to achieve –that is her true Everest. That is her real summit.


Agency: Havas Middle East