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Accenture Middle East’s NFTs Ramadan collections: Inspire donations through creativity

The design community at Accenture has always embraced the process of evolving in purposeful ways.

This year, in the last ten special nights of Ramadan, Accenture is launching over 75+ unique NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). Hand-crafted by 10 Fjord designers at Accenture Interactive in Dubai and Riyadh, this creative donation drive reflects Accenture’s emphasis on delivering on the promise of technology and human ingenuity. Through this collective representation of generosity, technology and human ingenuity, Accenture aims to harness change and create value that can be used to positively impact societies, industries and the world – all the while embracing the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan.

All purchases will be donated to the One Billion Meals campaign, the biggest humanitarian effort of its kind in the region.

Explore the collection on Opensea.io

Accenture team:

Begona A. De Albornoz, Karim Habbas, Nil Thyrion, Abir Almadani, Ahmed M Ebrahim, Alba Morales, Farah Aldossary, Noha Salmeen, Omar Almadhi, Razan Almohasen Smritaa Massey, Stepan Glukhovetskyi & Humza Ijaz.