Abu Dhabi rolls out second phase of global ad campaign

The second phase of Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority’s global advertising campaign is being rolled out across key and emerging markets.

Aiming to attract two million hotel guests to the emirate this year – rising to 2.3 million in 2012 – the second phase follows the original launch in October last year and demonstrates Abu Dhabi’s “rich tapestry of cultural offerings, its natural and geographic assets, as well as its ever-expanding leisure attractions portfolio”.

Airing until December, the campaign will run in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, with emphasis on specific countries within those markets. “This TV, print, radio and online campaign will put Abu Dhabi in front of high-end potential visitors and demonstrate the emirate’s credentials as a luxury destination with market-leading product offerings,” said Claire Micheletti, marketing division director, ADTA.

The campaign moves beyond the awareness building of the launch phase, which was created by Ogilvy Cape Town, with a call-to-action posing the question: ‘So You Think You’ve Done It All?’


  • hmmm….here we are again…local guys dancing and working on a sailing boat, later probably an old man throwing a fishing net, young lady covering her eyes with abaya and looking in a mystical way, bags full of spices? young family or dad playing with his child on the beach and running behind a kite in a park? at the end sky-line of the city, maybe some scene with a couple having romantic dinner……don’t forget the desert and the guys pouring tea into cups, close up….eyes, face….logo animation “Abu Dhabi”. Am I right?

  • I was very disappointed to not see the reassuring yet powerful symbolism of a western business man’s hand clasping an Arab hand in a perfect synergy of cross cultural brotherhood. I feel this would have pushed the concept to a level that would have surely seen many creatives concede under a stunned haze of sheer awe. A missed opportunity but I’m still looking forward to being shocked by the hugely anticipated 3rd script.

  • Hahaha good one Alen!

    Although just wondering, what would be a good script then ? Me personally can’t come up with a better one.

  • Of course there are plenty of other ways how do it in a completely different and new approach and still being acknowledged by the international tourist clientele, but why should I reveal my secret concept here?:-) I think the main problem is that the clients are not very adventurous and still stuck to old overused ideas and don’t listen to advertisers, who should be advisers as well,especially in this region. Best example are the horrible lamp post ads along SZR which are pain in my eyes on my daily journey to work. Who on earth can read the phone numbers printed there! But client probably says: I want my phone number there otherwise you’re fired as my agency and someone else will do it, because they still live in the newspaper advertising age where the reader can spend ages analyzing their ad. What to do as agency? And you need your clients cheque to be able to pay your bills…

  • Yes Alen, but these are age old problems. Trust issues, lack of abstract thinking, need to pay the bills etc.. These are present everywhere, not only in this region.

    I think focused work and quality output is the only thing which matter in the long run. Either you publish rubbish work so you can eat, and you don’t care anyway since it’s only business. Or you say NO to an assignment when you see the project is fishy or you are not recognized as a partner. You might not eat for a while and be out of business soon, but if it works you will reach a much higher state at the end.

    We choose the latter one. Time will tell whether it works here.

  • Hi Peter,
    sure, that’s the way how it should be and I wish you all the best and hopefully it will work out.
    But from my experience it seems that the agencies are just after quick buck here in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, GCC in general and good stuff is done in their offices in London, NY etc… Because, as you mentioned, clients don’t see the advertiser as their partner. Some of them treat agencies just a as quick graphic office. We received many times phone calls like this: Good afternoooooon….yaniiii….we need graphics for promotion….supplier waiting….put logo big. Plus the “I’m the client!” attitude on top.
    I hope it will change one day….but unfortunately I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel…

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