A view from Ramsey Naja: Ready to Break

In adland mental health trouble is no longer just a concern; it is our private global warming crisis – invisible, intangible, affects us all and will reduce us to insignificance, writes Ramsey Naja, regional executive creative director, DDB Middle East.

Whenever I watch tennis, I can’t help but feel it is made for these times: no proximity, no contact. It’s sport with built-in social distancing, a bit like fencing on Zoom. It also has all the ingredients to please a refined audience: grace and power, politeness and ambition, elegance and grunt, as well as a totally incomprehensible scoring system. To top it all, professional tennis has recently added a new, er, string to its racket – and to sports in general: mental health. Yup, mental health. You would have thought that being paid enormous sums of money to play a game you’re brilliant at would not be terribly taxing on stress levels, but no. Players are pulling out of tournaments,

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