A tale of two synergies, by Batelco’s Bilal Adham

Anyone in an office full of marketers can tell you that customer experience and brand experience are the same, writes Batelco CMO Bilal Adham. But they’re wrong.

If you’ve ever spent a languid 10 minutes around the office watercooler in any given marketing department, you may have heard a colleague lament that customer experience mindset and brand experience are essentially the same thing.
But office watercoolers are notoriously poor vectors for good information, and I’m more than happy to set the record straight for any would-be aquatic pontificators.
First of all, I get it – brand experience (BX) and customer experience (CX) are two terms that are often flung around with reckless abandon and little thought or consideration.
But each has a role to play in the reputation and success of your enterprise. Like Batman and his trusty butler Alfred,

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