A cascading landscape of culture and arts brought to the world via Google Arts & Culture

The recent launch of Dubai’s Culture and Heritage project on Google Arts and Culture makes it possible to share the Emirate’s cultural jewels with the world.

From museums that showcase and stand as custodians of the national heritage to art pieces that have inspired audiences and empowered artists, Dubai is a destination of choice for all arts and culture enthusiasts as well as a beacon of cultural diversity for international talent.

Over the years, Dubai has cemented its position, not only as the regional window to the rest of the world, but also as a global centre for arts and culture, an incubator for creativity and a thriving hub for talent, realised through the initiatives and efforts of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) that seeks to make culture, arts, and creativity accessible for everyone, anywhere.

As an incubator for talent, the emirate presents creatives from all over the world a multitude of platforms and the opportunity to learn and expand upon their knowledge by engaging with sectorial peers. Whether for foodies, travellers, culture and art enthusiasts, or entrepreneurs seeking to make their mark on their respective industries, Dubai presents a nurturing environment to support their creativity and inspire them to surpass their talents.

Overall, the events, projects, and initiatives taking place in the emirate enhance its position as a regional and international hub for the creative economy within an integrated system that would contribute to achieving its comprehensive economic development.

To share this wealth of cultural and heritage-related treasure with the world, Dubai Culture last month launched ‘Dubai’s Culture and Heritage’ project on the Google Arts & Culture platform, becoming the first government entity in the emirate to partner with Google Arts & Culture. The project recounts the cultural and artistic episodes of the emirate through immersive story-telling like never before.

The launch of the project reflects the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to strengthen the emirate’s position on the global stage and make it the global centre of the creative economy. ‘Dubai’s Culture & Heritage’ project allows people from around the world to learn more about the emirate’s rich culture and heritage as well as its vibrant creative scene.

In this context, Google Arts & Culture is an online platform that features high-resolution images and videos of artworks and cultural artifacts from around the world. It works with over 2,000 cultural institutions to help make the world’s culture and heritage accessible to anyone, anywhere. Through its partnerships with cultural organisations, it is able to develop powerful and cutting-edge technologies that help to digitise, preserve and showcase their treasures and stories to people around the world.

As a platform that seeks to grant accessibility to art and culture, Dubai’s Culture and Heritage project is an online gallery that houses hundreds of eminent works, and sets out to not only broaden the reach and influence of local, regional and global creative talents but to also facilitate accessibility for talents across industries and create an economic system that would stimulate Dubai’s creative individuals and industries.

As part of the Project, Dubai Culture showcases over 800 iconic, high-resolution images including 120 of artefacts and over 70 stories in both Arabic and English that document the emirate’s history and present through the eyes of its residents, becoming the MENA region’s largest bilingual content contributors. Through this collaboration, Dubai Culture seeks to paint a comprehensive picture of its cultural richness, unique identity, and distinctive heritage.