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Old El Paso and Socialize wrap up food waste

@oldelpasoarabiaYou ##WrapItUp, We’ll Donate! ? Help us in our mission to reduce waste this ##Ramadan. Tap the link in bio to get involved. ##OldElPaso♬ WrapItUp_OldElPasoArabia – oldelpasoarabia

Every year, 95 kilos of food according to the UN report is wasted per person in the UAE, seeing a significant uplift in the month of Ramadan. Inspiring Old El Paso to rise to the challenge, launching a campaign to take on food waste once and for all.

When you think of Ramadan, you’re likely not thinking about Quesadillas. Although Old El Paso isn’t an Iftar staple per se, they still wanted to provide a solution to the food waste problem, whilst adding value to the Ramadan experience. From this, their #WrapItUp campaign was born.

They championed influencers to take up the charge against food waste, as well as producing their own TikTok-first video, produced with an original track created by Socialize’s in-house offering Socialize Sounds, to create a know-how video that inspires people to transform their Iftar leftovers into new meals using the #WrapItUp generator.

Old El Paso also teamed up with a local charity, UAE Food Bank, to help feed those without food to spare. Every time someone uses the generator and shares their results on social media, Old El Paso will follow through on their commitment to the cause by donating to the charity.

Azfar Ul-Islam – marketing director and head of food service at General Mills said: “In both Mexican and Middle-Eastern cultures, we are accustomed to throwing large feasts. This Ramadan, we wanted to remind the region that no meal needs to go to waste, as we remember the significant impact that food wastage can have”.

Brand team:

  • Azfar Ul-Islam – Marketing Director and Head of Food Service
  • Zouheir Tamim – Marketing Manager
  • Dipo Ogundele – Category Brand Manager

Creative agency: Socialize:

  • Amr Younis – Creative Director & Music Production
  • Rhia Samuel – Account Director
  • Anyce Nedir – Client Partner
  • Ailidh Smylie – Head of Strategy
  • Holly Messenger – Account Manager
  • Rawan Ghannam – Senior Account Executive
  • Rola Slim – Account Executive
  • Max Hylkema – English Copywriter
  • Jess Langton – English Copywriter
  • Mohammed Tharwat – Arabic Copywriter
  • Omar Mohamed – Junior Content Creator
  • Marrwan El hussein – Art Director
  • Mohab Essam – Production Manager
  • Alisha Gopiraj – Video Editor
  • Sooraj Thazhath Rayorath – Creative Technologist
  • Gionne Lapuz – Web Developer