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YSL Beauty wipes out Instagram to make way for Dua Lipa

YSL Beauty wiped out all its posts on Instagram to make way for its new makeup ambassador, Dua Lipa.

The wipe out was a part of the brand’s stunt to completely revamp its Instagram with a new look and content.

The beauty label’s account then posted a video that announced to its 11.3 million followers that YSL is about to go “over the edge”.


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The account then posted a teaser for its new makeup ambassador before revealing it to be Dua Lipa.

While Dua Lipa has been an ambassador for the brand’s fragrance line, she has been now named the global makeup ambassador.

Brand shift to younger audiences and makeup

After 10 years on social media, YSL Beauty said the aim of its blackout stunt was to drive speculation around what the brand would do next.

Following the reset, it aims to create native content in “disruptive ways” to connect with younger audiences.

Jordan Radi, global director of consumer engagement for YSL Beauty, said: “This move signals YSL Beauty entering a new chapter. By refreshing social channels, we not only create excitement, but we enter into the modern world of social media by speaking to younger audiences in a captivating way.”

“It’s a whole new level of intimacy and proximity with our audience and it’s a promise we intend to keep.”

Dua Lipa as ambassador also plays into the brand’s strategy to cater to younger audiences, given her popularity among the younger generations.

According to the brand, Dua Lipa is a “leader in culture” and an “icon for future generations”, further playing into its strategy.

The move also indicates a shift toward greater focus on the label’s makeup line.

The brand has been heavily focused on its skincare and fragrance lines, and now seems to stepping up its game in makeup to remain competitive in the beauty market.