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YouTube Shorts introduces new tools to inspire content creators

Image Credit: YouTube

YouTube Shorts has introduced new creative tools to help creators tap into their creativity and boost marketing.

From remixing tools that help creators leverage content from across YouTube’s billions of videos worldwide in new and original content, to expanding the YouTube partner programme, so creators can join and earn money from their Shorts, the social media platform is making it easier to create content.

According to Statista, YouTube is the second-largest social media platform with nearly 2.6 billion monthly active users, followed by Facebook.

YouTube Shorts is a relatively new offering, having officially launched globally in July 2021, but this extension of YouTube’s strong reach may turn out to be the social marketing channel to win.

Collab is designed to help creators record a Short in a side-by-side format with other YouTube or Shorts videos. Creators can choose from multiple layout options to easily join in with a split screen format.

The social media platform is also testing a mobile-first vertical live experience, where live creators can go live and get discovered on their Shorts feed.

This aims to help creators connect live with a new audience and build their communities in a fun way from anywhere in the world.

It will also enable creators who recently joined our YouTube Partner Program with the new, lower eligibility requirements to unlock these fan funding features.

Image Credit: YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts will soon roll out a Q&A sticker, which allows users to engage with their audience in creative new ways.

Creators can ask their audience questions and get responses right in their comments. For example, if you are looking for good recommendations on “What places do I need to visit in Japan?” the Q&A sticker has got it covered.

It also features the reply to comments, where users can give a shoutout to who inspired them.

From its large reach to its ability to promote content to its creator revenue model, YouTube Shorts has a lot to offer brands and creators for influencer marketing, brand sponsorships, and more.