X to launch news wire service

Elon Musk seems persistent to turn X into an ‘open-source news’ platform

Credit: Freepik

Elon Musk is set to launch a news-distribution service called XWire.

The aim for the new service is to compete with platforms such as Cision’s PR Newswire.

Musk seems persistent to turn X into an ‘open-source news’ platform where he said, “anything relevant in legacy media is reposted.”

He has also called for more citizen journalists to post on the platform, and in August invited them to publish directly on the platform to earn higher incomes.

During the first anniversary of Musk’s takeover of Twitter, company executives said they view platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn as future competitors, suggesting that X plans also to expand into the fields of video streaming and recruitment.

The company is already working on the latter, with a beta version of a service launched through the account @XHiring.

Verified organisations can use it to ‘feature critical roles on their profile and organically reach millions of relevant candidates,’ according to the description of the account.

Musk also recently changed the way in which links to news stories appear on X, by preventing the headlines being displayed in previews of third-party links.

Now, only the domain the link points to and the main image from the destination page are displayed in tweets, causing them free of any context.