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Wunderman transforms billboards for a life-saving initiative

Wunderman Thompson Morocco and NGO Jood  partnered to transform OOH billboards into shelters for earthquake victims in Morocco, as part of their ‘Life-Saving Outdoors’ initiative.

The Marrakech Al Haouz region in Morocco recently experienced an earthquake that resulted in the loss of over 2,850 lives and over 2,500 injuries.

Given the challenge of initiating reconstruction in a short term, the aftermath rendered many people in remote and mountainous villages homeless and exposed to the harsh elements including the terrain and weather conditions.

The Life-Saving Outdoors initiative aimed to repurpose hundreds of 4×3 outdoor billboards into robust, waterproof, and thermal tents, offering temporary shelter to the affected population of these villages.

A manufacturing process was implemented within 48 hours of the earthquake to recover and transform hundreds of 4×3 billboards into durable temporary tents.

The OOH billboards are made from high quality, waterproof thermal fabric making the tents robust and warm enough for optimal living conditions.

“It provides an essential shelter, albeit temporarily, when much needed. However, its impact goes beyond simply providing shelter but also rejuvenating old billboards and give it a noble second life, demonstrating their ability to be reused for vital initiatives,” said Nabil Sarih, Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson Morocco.

“This principle applies to various disasters, highlighting the adaptability of this solution for rapid and effective response.”

Within 48 hours of the earthquake, approximately fifty tents were crafted, and the production has consistently continued, providing shelter for over 400 families up to the present day, with a maximum of eight individuals per family in one tent.

Several clients, media agencies and local printers supported the campaign including Allianz Insurance, Mindshare Morocco, Media Rep, Inregie and others.

They provided support by offering 4×3 billboards, making donations, and even dismantling billboards to contribute to the cause.

Jood also supplied 1,219 tents, and 239 tons of blankets, mattresses, and pillows.  Additionally, 26,615 individuals affected by the disaster have received food assistance, insured by the NGO.

It also distributed more than 682,555 food baskets and 2,023 tons of food items to families impacted by the disaster across hundreds of villages.

The demand for shelters remains significant, and it is crucial to continue producing more tents to aid those affected by this catastrophe.

The NGO is also calling on all brands, companies, and individuals to join this noble cause by contributing to the ‘Life-Saving Outdoors’ initiative.

Client: Jood NGO 
Agency: Wunderman Thompson Morocco 
Chief Creative Officer MENA: Chafic Haddad 
Creative Director: Sarih Nabil 
Managing Director: Hazem Kaddour 
Senior Account Manager: Sophia Tazi 
Account Director: Hind Seffar 
Copywriter: Anas Belmadani 
Art Director: Walid Bendra 
Graphic designer: Walden Ndong 
Graphic designer: Amine Boughaba 
Social Media Strategist: Arslan Mouloudi 
Finalizer: Achraf FALAH 
Production: The Cell Film