Why radio will remain as an unbeatable advertising platform

Channel 4 Radio Network’s Group CFO, Ravi Muni, and Network Sales Director, Mohammad Jundi share their insights on the power of radio in the current era

Credits: Channel 4 Radio Network

Updating and enhancing with the changing needs of the sound medium, Channel 4 Radio Network’s Group CFO, Ravi Muni shares insights on why radio is a more powerful tool today than it ever was.

The capabilities of radio are expanding expeditiously with the integration of new technologies. Our ‘Radigitalisation’ strategy, which places digital integration at the core of radio, has proven successful and we anticipate continued benefits and growth over time.

Radio has evolved from being the sole medium of entertainment for families to strategically segmenting its audience with the changing times. Unlike many other mediums, radio offers a unique ability for two-way communication and localised programming, therefore connecting with audience instantly in a personalised manner.

Our team utilises various analytical tools for listener mood mapping at different time slots, precisely selects target groups and enables customised content to make radio a source of wholesome entertainment. We are also committed to expand our reach through digital initiatives. Currently, we have over 1.15 million podcast downloads, the highest for any radio station in the UAE. Our Apps bring listeners closer to their favourite RJs with instant messaging, real-time notifications and much more.

With the promising economic growth in the region, particularly UAE, we are confident to foresee bright future for our network and the radio industry as whole.

Adding why radio is still A brands’ first preference to advertise, Channel 4 Radio Network’s Mohammad Jundi –  Network Sales Director, shares his take on radio’s current ability to multi-task.

Today, radio caters to all brand needs under one roof – on air, on ground and online, making it an obvious choice for brands to target all marketing touchpoints at optimum rates. 

Channel 4 Radio Network’s staggering on-air reach of 4 million+ daily listeners, and an equally enticing 8.14 million social media followers are a testimonial of our ever-growing popularity.

Post-pandemic, we have noticed a shift in brands’ preference towards radio as their primary medium of choice for advertising. In 2022-23, over 500 unique brands presented on to Channel 4 Radio Network to spike their brand visibility, with some of the top spending sectors being e-commerce brands, followed by entertainment and leisure, retail, banking and healthcare. Trust shown by the biggest brands reinforces our belief why radio always remain as an unbeatable advertising medium.

Thanks to our radio presenters and support teams, be it programming, sales, operations, marketing, or creative, all promptly adapting to changing market trends helps in offering our clients a ‘one-stop-solution’ for all their marketing needs.

Adapting to client’s changing needs whilst keeping listeners’ entertained and engaged will ultimately make everyone. Stay tuned.