Why do luxury brands open their own cafes?

Coach recently opened a café in Dubai and Tiffany is set to follow suit in the coming months

Why exactly do luxury brands open their own cafes?

Coach launched its own cafe last month in The Dubai Mall and luxury jeweller Tiffany is expected to do the same in the coming months.

They follow the likes of fellow luxury brands Burberry, Prada and Dior which have also opened up branded cafes around the world.

Catherine Levesque, SVP General Manager –at Tapestry EMEAI, the parent company of Coach, spoke to Campaign Middle East about its decision to open a café in the Middle East.

 “”Middle Eastern consumers are increasingly younger and more family and community orientated, and the Coach Café provides us with the opportunity to tap into that local lifestyle and culture, to immerse them in the brand and foster the next generation of Coach advocates in the region.”

  So who exactly is the target market? “Since the announcement of Coach’s new vision of Expressive Luxury last year, the brand strives to be a platform for self-expression among the next generation, with a focus on the Gen-Z and young Millennial demographic.

 “We hope to engage this new generation with emotional experiences and content that fuels their desire to express themselves through fashion; we’ve seen Coach products such as the Tabby family and Signature Soho bag, which guests can see in the Coach Café, are increasingly popular across this younger and diverse consumer group.”

Luxury brands are continuously rethinking and pushing the boundaries of physical retail, with the aims of delivering memorable moments for customers to build strong, emotional connections with them through unique, in-person experiences.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

High-end jewellery brand Tiffany & Co is expected to open its own café in Dubai possibly later this year in The Dubai Mall. It has already ventured into the coffee shop space with Blue Box Café outlets in New York City, London and Hong Kong.

The Dubai branch will be its first in the Middle East, and the fourth around the whole world.

Like its 5th Avenue flagship store, The Landmark, it will be decked out from head to toe in the iconic baby ‘Tiffany’ blue hue, complete with diamond displays. Watch this space.







The Coach Café in Dubai serves artisanal coffee, classic New York City-inspired treats whilst exploring Coach leather goods. The concept officially launched this April in Asia at the Coach Play Singapore Shophouse, followed closely by an experience in Malaysia where the Coach Café came to life as part of our Coach Airways immersive pop-up store and experience.