Who are the biggest brand movers?

Toshiba claimed its position as YouGov’s Biggest Brand Mover in the UAE last month. Followed by SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, Vaseline, Rotana and City Centre Deira with positive developments in their consumer perception across brand metrics.

The YouGov BrandIndex has identified brands that have shown the highest number of improvements across 13 metrics each month, ranging from aided brand awareness and corporate reputation to purchase consideration and customer satisfaction.

Three key brand metric categories include:

  • Media and Communication (aided brand awareness, ad awareness, word of mouth, buzz)
  • Brand Health (quality, value, general impression, corporate reputation, customer satisfaction, recommendation)
  • Purchase Funnel (purchase intent, consideration, current customer)

Dan Urban, Vice president of ad sales research of Fox Sports, says: “YouGov BrandIndex let us quickly, accurately and objectively show the positive brand impact that our FIFA World Cup advertising partners obtained.”

Top 10 Biggest Brand Movers in the UAE (September vs October 2023)

Al Rajhi Takaful has claimed the top spot as YouGov’s Biggest Brand Mover in KSA for last month. The Insurance company earned improvements across 4 YouGov BrandIndex metrics out of the 13 that are considered. Followed by Almarai, Saudia (Saudi Airlines), Al Tazaj and Sony for positive consumer perception.

Top 10 Biggest Brand Movers in KSA (September vs October 2023)

Saudia has seen the most significant growth of all brands in Saudi Arabia in Ad Awareness scores for the month of October, according to data from YouGov BrandIndex.

Saudi Arabian flag carrier Saudia launched a  rebranding effort to highlight Saudi culture, involving a new livery, logo, and brand colors, updated employee uniforms, and a digital transformation focus.

It aimed at enhancing the customer experience with sensory experiences such as unique fragrances and local cuisine.

The rebranding played a role in driving the Ad Awareness score upwards from 49 percent in September to 58.4 percent in October.