What do brands need to do to boost Ramadan sales?

Mid-way into Ramadan, MfilterIt's Debsena Chakraborty explores what lies ahead for brands

For brands, the Ramadan festivities offer a golden opportunity to soar high. To stay ahead brands must be competitive and dynamic in their marketing strategy.

Mid-way into the Ramadan festivities, let’s explore what lies ahead.

For brands in fashion and accessories, consumer durables and gifting categories, this season is a massive opportunity to boost sales and explore new possibilities among shoppers with dynamic pricing and promotions.

This requires brands to stay on top of pricing and promotion trends versus competition across geographies and platforms.

To make shoppers gravitate towards your product, you must also optimise your product detail page to enhance viewability and share of search and drive customers with help of data-driven competitive insights and analysis.

Stock availability is another key factor that plays a major role in keeping your brand ahead in the e-commerce race.

But remember, if you can’t back your offers with product availability all efforts go down the drain.

Ensuring product availability during the high-demand festive season is critical as if you are not on the shelf, you are not in the race.

Debsena Chakraborty, VP Growth EMEA, MFilterIt

Ramadan Shopping Trends

The first 10 days into the month, the Ramadan-themed promotions, discounts, and special offers spike the shopping spree on e-commerce and quick commerce platforms.

After 10 days, the shopping spree stabilized a little. It will spike up again to an all-time high as close it gets to Eid.

Brands need to understand the cultural significance of Ramadan to boost sales and reach out to potential new customers during the month.

Understanding the customer’s behavior and preferences can drive your marketing efforts with personalised offerings.

As last year’s Meta & Google insights suggest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 50 per cent of the shoppers are willing to spend more during the Ramadan sale season.

Out of which, 41 per cent of the shoppers look for something new – seek new brands and products across fashion and accessories, home decor, health and wellness, electronics and explore Eid gifting options.

Pricing and promotions play a crucial role during the season as 3 out of 4 shoppers look for promotional offers and discounts leading shopping surge.

Fig. 1- According to Statista survey– Category wise Trend in UAE, Ramadan 2022











The global brands focus on the Middle East region as well as the globally during Ramadan. The surge is evident in various categories of e-commerce and quick commerce platforms.

As we move closer to Eid, the sales and excitement of shoppers is expected to peak with last-minute need shopping on Q-commerce, a flurry of shoppers on Fashion e-commerce marketplaces and more Eid-themed exclusives.

By Debsena Chakraborty, VP Growth EMEA, MFilterIt