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What can you expect at Dubai Lynx – by Imagination’s Christophe Castagnera

As Dubai Lynx gets closer, Christophe Castagnera, head of strategy, Middle East, Imagination, shares his views on we can expect at the event this year.

What themes do you expect at Dubai Lynx this year?

I see two major themes that will take centre stage at this year’s festival.

Firstly, the power of creativity and why it is a force for good. As the world continues to grapple with various socio-economic pressures, it’s important to celebrate the generation of new ideas, new ways to solve problems, and collaboration.

Secondly, diverse and critical thinking. As one of the most diverse regions in the world, it is crucial for us as an industry to recognise and celebrate diverse thinking. The blend of talent in the Middle East, combined with different perspectives from multiple cultures and faiths puts the region at an advantage for developing innovative concepts and original design ideas.

Why is this an important event this year and why might it be different?

This year’s event is all about reconnection. Since the pandemic, the world has found a renewed hunger for in-person experiences, demonstrated by big visitor numbers to flagship events such as WebSummit. Now, after three years, it’s Lynx’s turn.

There is something special with events like Lynx and its ability to bring together a community of professionals, some who may not have crossed paths before, and provide an opportunity for serendipitous connections. It’s a uniquely powerful thing, and I am excited to gather with other like-minded individuals to learn, network and celebrate the power of creativity.

The pandemic gave us all a reality check and shifted our focus to what really matters. Therefore, I think this year’s event will differentiate itself from previous years with a bigger spotlight on sustainability initiatives, the importance of time with family and friends and facilitate a larger share of voice for the younger creatives who are ready to be heard.

What are you most looking forward to at Dubai Lynx this year?

The opportunity to showcase younger talent. It is always inspiring to see young talent moving up and through the industry. Our strategy team is bursting with ideas and new approaches ideated from our large pool of young talent, and I’m fascinated to see how other businesses are harnessing and supporting their talent too.

What type of work will we be seeing this year, and who will be the big winners?

I think we will see a blend of escapist work that elevates us away from some of the challenges we are dealing with globally.

Regionally we will see truly innovative work shine through, reflecting the bold creativity that brands and governments are letting loose.

We will also see some truly powerful and heart-rending work, representing voices from the next generation, reflecting the importance of respect for each other, and showing how brave individuals can overcome adversity and inspire others.