Weyyak reveals content for Ramadan 2020

Last year’s Ramadan initiatives brought exclusive high quality productions to the platform

Weyyak Reveals its First Original Arabic Content for Ramadan 2020

As part of its ongoing strategic planning initiatives, Weyyak has kickstarted 2020  by announcing their first original content production, for the upcoming holy month of Ramadan.

This comes after last year’s Ramadan initiatives which brought exclusive high quality productions to the platform, most notably the 10th season of the acclaimed Bab Al Hara series. This was preceded by a huge breakfast event which took place in Burj Al Arab, and was attended by some of the most prominent stars in Arab drama.

Following the press conference which held in Syria on Thursday 30th of January Weyyak has been trending for launching the VOD’s first Arabic original Ramadan series, which goes under the title of “Chicago Street”.

The “Chicago Street” story goes back and forth between different two time periods that reflect the pros & cons of Syrian society via a love story that ends up entangled in conflicts, drama and hope.

The main stars Sulaf Fawakherji represents a fierce lady named Miramar who despite being blind runs away from her family to follow her dreams, she meets Murad with whom a new love story filled with hope, risks and love starts. Murad is the new talented rising star “Mahyar Kaddour”.

“We are pleased to announce the news of launching our first Arabic Original production. “Chicago Street” has a well drafted script, the stars were picked according to each of the role needs, we trust Kaband media to be the right production house for our project. Ramadan is a tough season when broadcasters and VOD players fight for eyeballs, our content and our user experience are crafted to keep our users happy and engaged.” Said Nadine Samra – Chief Business Officer Weyyak.