Viola Outdoor celebrates UAE’s 52nd Union Day

Viola Outdoor has launched its new DOOH assets to provide a city-wide platform of celebration for the UAE as it marks its 52nd Union Day

Viola Outdoor, a division of Viola Communications, has launched its new digital out-of-home assets to provide a city-wide platform of celebration for the United Arab Emirates as it marks its 52nd Union Day on December 2nd.

Ammar Sharaf, founder and CEO of Viola Communications said: “I am thrilled to announce this initiative, which comes in line with our commitment to reinforcing a spirit of unity.

“As an Abu Dhabi home-grown organization, Viola Communications has always believed in the power of creativity to inspire and bring people together in a reflection of the UAE leadership’s guidance, and by presenting the UAE flag as the first introduction to our new digital assets, alongside our existing bridge-banners digital network and exclusive digital taxi-tops, we are amplifying the true essence of our nation’s citizens, supporting their wish to express appreciation for the UAE’s leadership and celebrate the diverse aspects of the UAE’s heritage and cultural richness.

“We understand that National Day is a significant milestone that binds us together as a nation, and we wanted to contribute in a meaningful way.

“By launching the capital’s digital transformation mega project on this special occasion, we strengthen the sense of pride and unity among citizens, a value that we share at Viola, and by focusing our content on this National Day, we are honouring our nation.”

Viola’s digital out-of-home assets are visible examples of the company’s digitalisation process across the capital and this week sees a leap in the expansion of DOOH.

This week sees a leap in the expansion of DOOH, as Viola Outdoor’s assets now include digital hoardings and unique free-standing totem road-side displays, all of which are located in prominent areas across the capital.