Viola Outdoor announces first pan-Emirate bridge banner network

Credits: Viola

OOH media company Viola Outdoor, part of Viola Communications, has announced the first pan-Emirate bridge banner network.

The network comes to life after the media company was awarded a contract from the Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

The media company already has a strong existing presence in the UAE capital.

According to Viola, “Each bridge banner is strategically designed and positioned to ensure maximum frequency, reach, and impact at key intersections on and around the heart of Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road.”

The network aims to provide brands with a better return on marketing investment.

Ammar Sharaf, founder, and CEO of Viola Communications, said: “This contract with the RTA creates an important addition to our portfolio of OOH media assets.

“With Abu Dhabi’s extraordinary growth and fast expanding footprint, the UAE’s two major cities are increasingly becoming interconnected.

“The capital city, business and cultural center of the UAE is merging ever closer to Dubai, with the two hubs now truly presenting a pan-Emirate proposition.

“With this in mind, and as part of our strategy to sustain and span our portfolio across end-to-end OOH solutions, this is just the first of a series of connecting developments for Viola Outdoor’s national network.”

Viola Communications is a subsidiary of the Multiply Group. The company has executed several projects with its  portfolio of hoardings, lampposts, and bus-wraps. It has also introduced a network of digital assets including bridge banners, taxi-top media screens .