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Video didn’t kill the radio star

The unique market dynamics in the UAE led the brand to explore radio to reach the masses

Anuj Bhagia, Head of Marketing, Policybazaar.ae

By Jalaja Ramanunni

Identifying an appropriate channel to reach and engage with the target audience can be challenging. PolicyBazaar UAE, an insurance aggregator, decided to return to the basics and experiment with radio in the UAE.

PolicyBazaar UAE conducted its first radio campaign in the UAE to test the efficacy of radio advertising in January this year. The results were encouraging, with a noticeable lift in direct traffic to their website. The campaign’s success prompted them to extend the radio campaign duration to 16 weeks.

“We looked to radio as a medium to reach the masses and disseminate the message about PolicyBazaar’s offering. We worked with radio channels such as Radio 4, Channel 4, City 101.6, and Hit Fm,” says Anuj Bhagia, Head of Marketing at Policybazaar.ae.

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Finding the right fit

PolicyBazaar UAE’s target audience comprises individuals aged 25 to 45 residing anywhere in the UAE. Benefiting from their parent brand’s success with television campaigns in India, it considered advertising on television. However, the unique market dynamics in the UAE led them to explore radio as a medium to reach the masses and disseminate their message.

Measuring success

PolicyBazaar UAEadopts a performance marketing approach, closely tracking the impact of its radio campaigns. They measure success by monitoring the increased direct traffic to their website and the corresponding rise in leads generated during the campaign. By analysing these metrics, they attribute the success of their campaigns to radio advertising.

PolicyBazaar UAE aligns its radio campaigns with the market demand for car and health insurance during this period. “We have noticed an upward trend in searches starting from the second half of September. Consequently, we intend to launch our campaign when searches increase,” Bhagia says. He adds that they observe a decline in market searches for car insurance and health insurance decline during July and August when UAE’s residents prefer to travel.

Beyond radio

PolicyBazaar UAE has started exploring audio platforms beyond traditional radio, recognizing the changing media landscape. They launched their podcast, “The Policy Project,” available on audio platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts and Pandora. By creating “snackable” insurance-focused content, they aim to engage with consumers in a more accessible and informative manner. Additionally, webinars featuring in-house insurance experts and industry leaders further enhance their content offerings and educate the audience about insurance products.