Uplo ranks number one for customer satisfaction

The online retail management company achieved an unprecedented NPS score

Image Credit: Uplo

Uplo has revealed a record-breaking customer satisfaction score for its clients in the region. 

The brand provides ecommerce, e-distribution and direct-to-consumer solutions across the Middle East for global brands such as L’Oréal and Estée Lauder.

The average net promoter score figure of +85 during January to June 2023 is believed to be the highest ever achieved in online retail in the Middle East.

NPS scores range from -100 to +100, with customers simply asked how likely they are on a scale from zero to ten, to recommend a product, service or company to a friend or colleague.

Image Credit: Uplo

Co-founder and Chief Vision Officer Nicolas Bruylants at Uplo, said:“The Middle East has made impressive strides in ecommerce in recent years and with the right systems and processes now in place, it will start to leapfrog other more established markets in North America and Europe.

“We’re very proud that Uplo has achieved such a high rate of customer satisfaction for the accounts we manage, and we will double-down our efforts to maintain and exceed these levels in the years ahead.”

NPS scores are important for retailers as they help to improve customer experiences and provide real-time customer feedback.

Brands can use the data gathered to optimise the way they do business, drive greater customer loyalty and in turn provide predictions on future sales and revenue from those customers.

Image Credit: Uplo

Global brand studies by Retently indicate that the average NPS for retail brands is a score of +61 and for ecommerce an NPS of +50. Uplo is not only outperforming regional averages but global standards too.

 Uplo which operates across multiple markets in the region including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and Kuwait, signaled its intent for growth in June this year through a rebrand from its former name, CNNB Solutions.

The future-facing new brand is welcoming an active hiring drive, onboarding new partnerships and expanding into sectors such as fashion and footwear to complement its expertise in beauty, cosmetics and personal care.

These operational enhancements are fueling an exciting period of strategic growth and development for the business.